La Faute des Fleurs – a portrait of Kazuki Tomokawa is online on (Vimeo On Demand)

Collection Petites Planètes presents
a portrait of Kazuki Tomokawa
a film by Vincent Moon
produced by Naohito Koike
images by Vincent Moon
sounds by Gaspar Claus
story by Teresa Eggers
edit by Vincent Moon & Lucas Archambault
shot in Tokyo and Osaka
in february/march 2009
winner of the CPH-DOX 2009 sound&vision award
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DVD “La Faute des Fleurs – a portrait of Kazuki Tomokawa” will be on sale in March 2012


DVD (with English subtitles) is coming soon in March 2012

+ outtakes and bilingual booklet (English and Japanese edition, 64 pages)

La Faute des Fleurs will be screened at Northside DIY Film Competition ( NY )


La Faute des Fleurs will be screened on June 19, at 10:30 pm at  UnionDocs (Northside DIY Film Festival in NY)

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Screening “La Faute des Fleurs” & Talk Session in Tokyo 11 Jun 2011

<SCREENING* & Talk Session > *with English subtitles

Date :2011 . 11th . Jun (sat)

Place: Cyclo Hatomori Studio ( 1-1 Sendagaya,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo)

Open: 4 p.m.  Start: 5 p.m.

Ticket: adv.1,000 yen / door.1,500 yen

* *Kazuki Tomokawa will appear on Talk Session after Screening

Live Sounds

Cancelled:2011.Mar.17 (Thu) Tokyo, Japan (apia 40)

The Live Recording of Kazuki Tomokawa ( Osaka 2011 ) is online

“Pistol” Live in Osaka 2011 by kazuki tomokawa


“a lonely man becomes a painter” Live in Osaka 2011 by kazuki tomokawa


Kazuki Tomokawa Live in Osaka 2011

“a lonely man becomes a painter”
song & lyrics by Kazuki Tomokawa

Kazuki Tomokawa (G,Vo)
Masato Nagahata (Pf,Accd,Mando)
Toshiaki Ishizuka (Ds)
Akiko Igaki (guest:Vl)

at Janus Shinsaibashi Osaka Japan

Tomokawa has been featured in Japanese newspaper (Daily Yomiuri) in English

“Alive and strumming: Underground guru Kazuki Tomokawa reflects on eve of lauded documentary’s release”

– on 10 December , daily yomiuri ( English)

New Album “Blue Ice Pick” will be released on Dec.15 2010



PSF / JPN / CD / PSFD-8035 / IND6367 / 2010.Dec.15 / 2,940 yen

Japan premiere October 2010 ( Bakuon Film Fes @ Yokohama)

Loud Sound Film Festival at Yokohama

La Faute des Fleurs will be screened at Northwest Film Forum in Seattle

26th Aug. 2010

La Faute des Fleurs – a portrait of Kazuki Tomokawa will be screened at Northwest Film Forum in Seattle.

Thursday, Aug 26 at 08:00PM
Seeing La Faute des Fleurs is like being hit by a Japanese spaceship. After having been told by a fan about an incredible tale, Viincent Moon traveled to Japan to meet a 59-year-old Japanese folk singer and cult figure Kazuki Tomokawa, better known as “the screaming philosopher.” In the film, Tomokawa, who has performed in films by both Nagisa Oshima and Takashi Miike, loses it completely, burning bridges during a wild drinking spree, then reaching for another bottle instead of his guitar. This deeply moving portrait brings to life the flawed Tomokawa, bungled relationships, gambling habit and all.

More information:

Participating in Roppongi Art Night in Tokyo with ‘A Take-Away Show #98 _ Kazuki Tomokawa’

Creating a sensation, a video by Vincent Moon ‘A Take-Away Show #98 _ Kazuki Tomokawa Part1’ will be screening at ‘Roppongi Art Night 2010’ including 9 other visual artists.

‘Roppongi Art Night’ is a festival featuring art, design, music, video, and performance art for one night only at Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan.

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An article about Kazuki Tomokawa has appeared in a French magazine

“Sa voix posée sur le fil d’un rasoir, écorchée, hantée, pleine d’amour et de violence. Figure fantôme de l’underground japonais, ombre titubante et fracturée, fragile et brûlée, et cette voix ! …. ”
Text by Michel HENRITZI, appeared in ‘REVUE & CORRIGEE‘ #82 December 2009

<< Read the whole article in French here

‘La Faute des Fleurs’ at IN-EDIT NESCAFÉ in Chile

La Faute des Fleurs was presented at The International Documentary Musical Film Festival IN-EDIT NESCAFÉ in Chile.

A film ‘La Faute des Fleurs’ by vincent moon

La Faute des Fleurs – a portrait of Kazuki Tomokawa,
a film by vincent moon was presented at Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival ( CPH: DOX ) as a world premier and received Sound and Vision Award 2009.

‘The Take-Away Shows’

Kazuki Tomokawa appears on the french video podcast ‘A Take-Away Show #98‘.

This website has replaced the old official website of Kazuki Tomokawa and is managed by his supporters.